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Personal injury slip and fall cases are probably one of the most intricate of all personal injury cases. The law about slip and fall cases is known as premises liability law, and these laws differ widely from state to state. An accomplished personal injury lawyer is needed to determine the validity of your case and to gather appropriate information to try a successful trial in court.

The intricate nature of slip and fall cases involves the precise details surrounding the fall. For instance, in cases of water slips in a restaurant or retail setting, if the company posted Wet Floor signs in the area of the water, the slip and fall may not be covered under premises liability law. Additionally, if one does not know the substance on the floor or the source of the material or how long it has been on the floor, this can have a negative impact on your case.


  • Falls occurring while trespassing on private property
  • Injuries associated with falls on the job that are covered under worker’s compensation laws.
  • When trying to prove a slip and fall injury, the personal injury lawyer will need to establish a few key points.
  • These points include the time lapsed between the potential danger creation and the slip or fall, whether or not the responsible party knowingly left the area in a dangerous condition and whether or not the guilty party should have known about the danger.
  • Our Personal injury lawyers are trained in the complexities of slip and fall injuries and premises law. They will be able to sort out the information available and determine whether or not a claim or case can or should be filed about the fall.
  • The only way to truly determine whether your slip or fall is covered by premises law is to call a personal injury lawyer today!
  • Many areas of the premises law are unknown to the general public but are undoubtedly liable to fall under the premises law. These areas include trespassing cases involving children and slip and fall cases on government public properties.
  • When children slip and fall on private property, the premises law recognizes that children are not able to perceive the danger they are encountering. Furthermore, many children are unable to read danger signs and warning posts. In these cases, the premises law states the property owner should have ensured the area was safe for children before leaving the area unattended.
  • Public government parks may also be held liable for a slip and fall injury occurring on the public property. These cases are covered by Federal or State tort laws and will need to be carefully examined by a personal injury lawyer.
  • If you are the victim of a slip and fall injury, do not accept that it was your fault. Call our personal injury lawyers today and discuss the details of your slip and fall injury at no charge. With the proper legal expertise in your corner, you will be able to obtain the financial compensation you deserve.

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