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bruce robinson

Mr. Robinson manages the law firm of Robinson and Associates and has been practicing law in Maryland for almost two decades. Following graduation from the University of Maryland School of Law located in Baltimore, Maryland, Mr. Robinson was immediately offered employment in a prominent personal injury law firm in Baltimore. He spent three years at the firm litigating criminal defense and personal injury matters. Mr. Robinson’s criminal defense matters ranged from DUI defense all the way to murder trials. He handled a variety of personal injury matters but primarily focused on advancing and protecting the interests of persons injured in severe motor vehicle accidents. Following his employment, Mr. Robinson began his firm in Baltimore City where he practiced criminal defense and plaintiff’s injury for another five years primarily practicing in Baltimore City Circuit and District Courts. He then moved his law practice to Baltimore County where he has maintained his offices for roughly the past decade.

Mr. Robinson continues to manage the firm of Robinson and Associates where he assists those individuals charged with all forms of alcohol-related offenses as well as personal injury matters. Additionally, the firm continues to provide qualified and aggressive representation in all kinds of personal injury including serious motor vehicle accidents and medical malpractice cases. Mr. Robinson has personally obtained one of the most financially significant verdicts in its county of recordation in Maryland. Another firm case resulted in the highest verdict following a trial in a separate county in Maryland.

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