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Call Robinson Attorneys if you were injured in a car accident in Washington, DC and need proper compensation. We understand how much agony you’re in, which is exacerbated by the fact that you could be unable to work and have a lot of bills to pay. We recognize the need of acting immediately and are here to assist you in regaining what you’ve lost. There is no question that the insurance company will be unjust or unwilling to assist you. You must recognize that the insurance company is a “for-profit business” with the primary goal of paying out as little money as possible on each claim. They are not there to assist. As a result, if they call, you should not speak with them since they will record you and use it against you later.

The insurance company’s objective is to put you in a bind and reduce their liability, which means they must give you the least amount of money possible. To accomplish this, they must get you “on record” saying things that appear innocent but are actually guilty comments. They accomplish this by phoning you immediately following the accident and seeming to be polite and helpful while requesting you to provide a recorded statement.

The fact that someone has recorded your statement should be your first red flag. Why should they record it? Do not attempt it! This is due to their desire to ask you questions that will lead them to conclusions that are not in your best interests. When you respond to their queries, they begin to corner you since they have proof that you said things that appear harmless but are actually harmful to your health.Remember that the insurance company is not your friend and that you should never speak with them.

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