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Contact Robinson Attorneys if you have been injured in an accident in Virginia and require fair compensation. As Injury Accident Lawyers we clearly recognize the pain you are experiencing, complicated by the fact that you may not be able to work and have mounting bills. We recognize the urgency and are here to assist you in recovering what has been lost. Without a doubt, the insurance company is not here to assist you, nor will they be equitable. You must recognize that the insurance company is a “for-profit business” whose primary objective is to minimize the amount they pay out on each claim. They are not present to assist. Therefore, if they contact you, you should avoid speaking with them because they will record your conversation and use it against you later.

It is the responsibility of the insurance company to put you in a corner and minimize their exposure to you, i.e. the amount they will have to compensate you. The way they do this is to get you “on record” uttering what appears to be innocuous facts but in reality are often harmful admissions. This is accomplished by contacting you immediately after the accident, posing as pleasant and helpful, and requesting a recorded statement.

Your first red flag should be a recorded statement; why do they need to record your statement? Avoid doing it! They intend to ask you leading and suggestive inquiries that are against your best interests. Then, when you respond to their inquiries, they begin to put you in a box because you are now on record saying things that appear harmless but are actually detrimental to you.Always remember that the insurance company is not your ally, and you would be wise not to communicate with them.

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