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The birth of a child should be one of the happiest and most exhilarating times in the life of a couple. After nine months of anticipation and expectation, a new life that the parents have loved from conception is about to enter this world. Both mother and father are prepared and anxious to meet their new son or daughter. Suddenly, during the delivery mother and child are faced with an emergency, and the health and welfare of the child are in the doctor’s hands. The outcome of this emergency will depend on the actions and reactions of the attending doctor and nurses. When emergencies during labor and delivery are not dealt with both quickly and carefully, birth injuries can result. Medical Malpractice can help parents review their case and determine if their child’s birth injury could have been prevented.

Some birth injuries, such as Erb’s palsy, may be preventable injuries. Erb’s palsy is an injury to the nerves in the neck and shoulder that can occur when the baby’s shoulder becomes lodged under the mother’s pelvic bones during delivery. These nerves, known as the brachial plexus, may be compressed, stretched, or torn. This may cause either temporary or permanent nerve damage. Because these nerves are responsible for both the feeling and motion of the arm, wrist, and hand, the child’s ability to have full movement or sensation in the affected arm may be compromised. Erb’s palsy injuries can range from limited motion to complete paralysis. Medical Malpractice can offer birth injury and  malpractice information and resources to parents in  and Washington D.C. that have children with birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy.

Dedicated Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Many times birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy occur because the doctor or nurses did not provide the proper care and treatment necessary during labor and delivery. When licensed healthcare providers fail to provide adequate and appropriate treatment and birth injuries occur, the health care providers can be held liable for damages.  Medical Malpractice can help parents review their case to determine if there is a case of  malpractice. If it is determined that the birth injury was the result of medical malpractice, Maryland Medical Malpractice can help parents file their Maryland malpractice claim. Victims of birth injuries such as Erb’s palsy may be entitled to monetary compensation by those responsible for their damages.

What Is The Next Step?

If you live in  Washington D.C. and believe that your child has been the victim of a birth injury due to medical malpractice,  Medical Malpractice can review your case and offer professional legal guidance and advice. Many times victims of birth injury require special medical attention or treatment, and this can create a financial strain on the parents. Maryland Medical Malpractice can help parents ensure their child receives the money that they deserve for their injuries. The effects of Erb’s palsy can last a lifetime, and victims should be compensated for their compromised quality of life and the pain and suffering endured as a result of a preventable birth injury.

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